Brain-Based Conversation Skills

Three Face-to-Face days

Learn impactful conversation skills to improve performance

This skills-based program teaches you how to have quality conversations in any situation. Impactful conversation skills will enable you to “facilitate positive change through improved thinking” –  a required skill for anyone, both individually and for those in a leadership role in today’s workplace. You will gain a comprehensive ‘suite’ of brain-based tools to start communicating quickly and effectively with others, while sharpening your skill set and becoming more brain-friendly and results driven.

During this three day intensive training, participants learn how to facilitate positive change in others by working at the level of an individual’s thinking. They learn a process that helps people move from identifying impasses to generating insights, then taking actions which lead to positive and sustainable new habits.


What sets Brain-Based Conversations apart?

The Results Coaching System™

This unique Brain-Based methodology is built upon an applied neuroscience foundation.
Brain-Based Conversations are…

Delivery format designed with the brain in mind

Curriculum Overview

This practical training program starts by teaching the neuroscience theory that explains how and why the methodology achieves results. The program then progresses to three-days of highly experiential learning achieved through a comprehensive range of models that illustrate best-practice, live modeling of skills, and paired and group exercises where each participant gains hands-on practice and immediate feedback. Participants receive a comprehensive participant manual and 24 hours of ICF-accredited coach specific training hours.